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martedì 26 aprile 2011

Ancora mucche!

Ancora uno schizzo a matita su blocco per schizzi Fabriano, di questi fantastici bovini! Questa è la mamma che si è allertata avendo vicino il vitello, ed essendoci noi avvicinati troppo al loro recinto.
Another sketch (pencil on Fabriano sketchbook) about these amazing animals! This is the mother alerting near the calf, probably we passed the "safe distance"!

5 commenti:

  1. Excellent drawing - you've really captured the subject. Fabriano - is that a Venezia sketchbook you are using here?

  2. Thank you Michael, you are very kind! Yes I sketch on "Venezia book" drawing paper 200 g/mq by Fabriano, I love it very much, but it's not very simple to open pages (48 sheets) when I use my scanner...Do you use also this sketchbook?

  3. Hi Maria. Yes I've had all three sizes of Venezia for a year now and am just really beginning to use them! Beautiful paper, especially for watercolour and watercolour pencils. Only problem is as you say - they are so tightly bound that they never open flat for drawing or scanning but they are still the best in my opinion.

  4. You captured the mood very well. I wouldn't want to be past her 'safe distance' either.

  5. Thank you, "NoviceArtist" In fact I was not so quiet too!!